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"Future women leaders will follow the path that Sharon Hadary has helped to pave!" 
Patricia Ross, Former Marketing Executive, Global Women's Market, IBM.

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Learn how highly successful businesses stay agile in today's tumultuous economy PLUS 7 Fundamental highly successful business women know!  

"How Women Lead," in Women With Know-How

"Sharon has been a corporate executive, a researcher, a consultant, a teacher and an entrepreneur. She knows the people, as well as the data. She has been in the trenches with all the players—the bankers, the regulators, the corporate purchasers, the women themselves. Sharon's cover story is evidence of both the breadth and depth of her thinking."
Lawrence Rout, Editor, Wall Street Journal, Small Business Special Report.
"What's Holding Back Women Entrepreneurs" Wall Street Journal Small Business Section, May 17, 2010